Dienstag, 1. März 2022

Foolious Cesar

The late grunge shaman Mark Lanegan would have liked King Hannah's dark and world-weary gothic Americana music. Hannah Merrick, the songwriter of Liverpool's King Hannah reminds me of Hope Sandoval the voice of Mazzy Star a band that was featured almost 20 years ago for their introspective reduced blues sound. Hannah is the one who brings back the slow and reduced sound to nowadays music. It is of course not new or groundbreaking but a kind of music you can listen to and drift away. 

Foolish Caesar could a have been appeared on any album by Bristol trip-hop album decades ago. A Well-Made Woman is one of those dark-noir blues songs a lot of band would die for. Their new album I Am Not Sorry, I Just Being Me is a dark beauty and one of those releases that can stand the time and probably will appear in several year's end list.

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Thanks for the tip, Walter. Everything you described and more. The Bandcamp link also led me to King Hannah's cover of State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen, which is great.