Dienstag, 2. November 2021

That's How Pop Should Sound Today


Two songs today that came first to my ears a few days ago that made me believe that it is possible to make great pop songs still. The first one is from Alewya Demisse, a 25 year old Saudi Arabia born singer/songwriter, producer, model and multidisciplinary artist now living in London. I first got aware of her with her first single Sweating from last year. Now she is back with Play where minimalist polyrhythmic sound where combined with almost spoken words. Remarkable how light-footed the piece intertwines current African club sounds with the legacy of the dub in British club music.

Phoebe Green is a young artist from Manchester and she present us sparkling indie synth pop. So Grown Up is a nostalgic look back to her schooldays when she sings about the loss of virginity and a few more things. A song that could only made in Britain.

„What happened to the boys we fucked with at school

Now you’re in love with a man the same age as your dad
And i’m in love with a girl that I can’t stand“

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