Sonntag, 14. November 2021

Odes To Life


Since the long gone by days of The Pale Fountains I follow the releases of Michael Head because of his abilities of writing fantastic songs. If it was with Shack or with The Red Elastic Band he always wrote timeless songs. Sadly he didn't got the recognition he should have and he is still another artist for insiders. Maybe because he had a lot to work to get rid of using drugs he wasn't featured but every couple of years he releases an album that was far over the average of many others. The last one he released was Adios Senor Pussycat four years ago and it is full of personal life-affirming songs and it one of those albums I can listen to from the start to the end. For me a perfect start into a wet autumn Sunday.

Michael Head & The Red Elastic Bank - Picasso

Michael Head & The Red Elastic Bank - Josephine

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Echorich hat gesagt…

MIchael Head is a treasure. I feel he is one of the greatest British Pop/Rock Songwriters.