Dienstag, 23. November 2021

Another Band That Didn't Got The Success They Denid


Pat Fish formed in 1982 one of the best bands from the early 80's. The Jazz Butcher could be described powerful indie-folk band with a massive touch of great arrangements and the ability to create great lyrics to songs full of hooks. They accompanied me during a lot of years and I often came back to their music. So I felt sad when I got the news several weeks ago that Pat Fish died too early, a songwriter right between Ray Davis and Pete Townshend. But they also made great cover versions and with We Love You they made the old Stones song sound like an early Acid House track. During the last months Fire Records released a couple of their albums and a few days ago Dr. Cholmondley Repents a  four CD-Collection of their A-sides, 12-inches and rarities. A good way to enter the universe of The Jazz Butcher and their magnificent sound. 

The Jazz Butcher - Southern Mark Smith (Original 45)

The Jazz Butcher - We Love You (The Great Awakening)

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