Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2020

2020: The Songs


This year is almost gone and looking back on it I have say it was a horrible one. Covid-19 changed our lives completely and I suppose the life after the pandemic won't be the same any more. The virus changed the way we met, the way we work and the public life at all. Incompetent leaders and governments made the wrong decisions or ignored the risk. I can fill the list with much more but I will stop now. One of the things that made life easier was music. Retrospective I can say that it was a good year for music. The main thing this year was the day Andrew Weatherall passed away. He was the one that gave us new music - always one step ahead of us all. A year ends list could be filled nearly with of his songs and mixes. But this was already made by others from us. So I decided to make a list based on a playlist I made on Spotify for new songs that was released in 2020. This is not an ultimate list because I find almost everyday new songs from this year that will be saved on this playlist. Also the songs are with any ranking. So let's start.

The Cry - Truth (Remix 2020)

Four Tet - Baby

Daniel Avery and Alesandro Cortini - Illusion of Time

Glok - Cloud Cover (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Military Genius - L.M.G.D.
Nadine Shah - Ladies for Babies
Les Big Bird - Tinitus Aetérum
Andrew Weatherall - Unknown Plunder/End time sound (I couldn't resist)
Sonic Boom - Just imagine
Anna Calvi - Wish (Haunted Version)
Hot Since 82 - Make Up
Roisin Murphy - Murphy's Law

Golden Bug & Limininas - Variation Sur 3 bancs
Kanaan - Double Sun pt 2
Yard Act - The Trappers Pelt
Noun, Daniel Avery, Roman Flügel - Meeting of the Mind
Mogwai - Major Treat
Moon Duo -- Planet Caravan
Les Sympatics de Porto Novo - A min we vo nou
Woodleigh Research Facility - Aprés Le Villa 2
Gang Of Four - Forevers Starts Now
Michael Rother - Bitter Tang
Close Lobsters - Let The Day Drift Away (Canopy of Dust Remix)
Dan Wainwright - Rain Dance
Josephie Öhm + The Liberation - Rushing Through My Mind
Total Control - Glass
Steve Gunn - Tommy's Congo
The Oriells - Bobby's Second World (Confidence Man Remix)
Green Gartside - Tangled Man
Andy Bell - Love Comes In Waves 
Underworld - Brussels (Live in Amsterdam)
1000 Foot Whale Claw - The Water Is Quite Clear
Keral Dust - Phoebe
Youth Meets Jah Wobble - Breaking Shells (feat. Hollie Cook)
Jane Weaver - The Revolution of Super Visions
Whyte Horses - Ca Place Pour Ma
A Man Called Adam - Ship Away
Fjordfunk - It Is All Black (Hardway Bros. Remix)
Andy Bell - Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio Remix)
Daniel Avery - Lone Swordsman (The best tribute since St. Antony)

3 Kommentare:

Brian hat gesagt…

As always, I missed a lot! Thanks for the nudges, Walter. Couldn't be more with you on Green, Whyte Horses and Andy Bell. What a year! Just about the only thing I can say with optimism.

Echorich hat gesagt…

Great list Walter. You have a number of my "came close" tracks on your list. I enjoyed seeing where we crossed over!

drew hat gesagt…

Magic Walter and more than a few for me to check out