Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2020



There were times when everyone told us that vinyl is going to die and the only media in the future is will be a compact disk. Like many others (and of course you could find less new records on vinyl) I started buying records on this format. I am thankful that times like this are over and nearly every new record will be released on vinyl as well. Sometimes good things come back. I found this track recently in my collection when I was sorting my CD-collection again. Neneh Cherry's second album Homebrew from 1992 is an underrated album because it is far away from the style the mass expected. A hybrid of jazz, hip-hop and rock music seldom made better. Trout is the best example that old fashioned music could be transformed into today's music. Based on the guitar lines of Steppenwolf's The Pusher and Led Zeppelin's When Levee Breaks Neneh collected it as a piece of her own. A forgotten classic.

Neneh Cherry and Michael Stipe - Trout

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

I have this album too, Walter. I bought it purely for the Michael Stipe contribution. I listened to it for the first time in ages recently and cringed. Stipe cannot rap, and his lyrics are really really bad on this. Not sure if he wrote them or someone else did, but I wish he hadn't done it. Although, maybe it's just a symptom of the track having not aged very well.

Aside from that, it was a really good album in its day.