Freitag, 16. November 2018

MTV Unplugged

Bildergebnis für nirvana unplugged

Back in 1989 MTV started a series with live concerts by artists play songs without electrified instruments. The first concert I saw in this series was the show by The Cure. It was a very new experience to me watching them playing a lot of their well know songs sitting on big pillows and candles in the background. Ant they interpreted their songs in a very unique way. But the more I saw from this sets it didn't get the kick to me any more. Until Kurt Cobain and Nirvana appeared in this series. In the days of grunge Nirvana was the state of the art and the uncrowned kings of this genre. Myself wasn't a huge fan of this music that made great songs of course. But it doesn't grabbed me like many other music. So I didn't expected anything when I switched on the telly to watch the show. And after watching it I got a new view to Nirvana. Cobain were down and out and close to commit suicide but had the will and power to make a last great appearance and showed us all his brilliancy. He made great cover versions of songs by other artists as well probably great versions of songs of his own. I still listen to this record and the footage of this session with very great pleasure.

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