Dienstag, 28. August 2018

Old Enough To Know Better

Bildergebnis für The Pink Fairies

The Pink Fairies are back with a new album Resident Reptiles. Legends from the London underground scene of the early 70's they were a bit of musical anarchists playing their very own style of psychedelic rock. Heavy influenced by drugs they played a combination of good-time rock and a lot of other inspirations of different genres. I couldn't nail them on one sound so I was surprised that a band that was active more than 40 years ago now releases a new album. Members of the band worked with bands like Motorhead, Hawkwind and Pretty Things but were true to their very own sound. Listening to these old school guitars it takes me back to long forgotten days of heavy psyche rock. And it sounds fresh what some old folks playing. Probably the comeback album of a band lost in music history in this year

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