Dienstag, 21. August 2018

Curse Of Lono

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Curse Of Lono is a British band playing an authentic American sound like they are from Texas or another southern state from the USA. As far as I know their name is a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson and his novel by the same name. As I Fell is their second album released these days. I can hear influences of Fury And The Slaughterhouse a German rock band from Hannover popular in the mid 90's here in Germany and bands I don't very firm like Dire Straits and Eagles. But their songs are warm and very emotional and can lead you through a finish of a hard working day. Their songs are more than average of many other bands in this genre. Handmade music for people that are interested old-fashioned handmade music. Far better than many other Americana bands these days.

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I like this Walter - thanks for the introduction