Freitag, 17. August 2018

Hot August Night - Again

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It was decades ago when I met my former wife when we agreed to a lot but we were always different in our musical taste. I was the one who had open ears for every new kind of music and she was rooted in the the jazz-funk-fusion scene. It was hard to agree to some artists that we both liked much. One evening we found one of a few solutions we could both listen with joy. It was Neil Diamond - don't be upset, but I like his live recording a lot..He might be named as a Schlager singer from the USA but for me he has a great voice. With his baritone he makes every song very unique. I remember a few evenings when we listened to his live album and we enjoyed it much. After all these decades I should stand for this record. A small masterpiece in it is way.

Neil Diamond - Solitary Man
Neil Diamond - I Am I Said
Neil Diamond - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
Neil Diamond - Cherry, Cherry

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