Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2018

She's Kerosine

Bildergebnis für england columbia 2018

The Intrerrupters are an American Ska Punk band formed in Los Angeles almost eight years ago and released their latest album a few weeks ago. It is nothing more than a good time record based on Ska and Beat. I suppose that they are live better than many other bands nowaday, Anyway, it is a soundtrack for supposing the English team against Columbia. Hope that the very young English team will win against Columbia. Not that they are better but I can see the potential for the following years.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

The Colombians resorted to the same old dirty tricks that have marred this World Cup throughout. Wrtestling in the box at set pieces, feigning/exaggerating injury, harassing referees. The ref at last night's game completely lost control of the situation. Half the Colombian team could have seen red cards for their actions, and one or two England players got away with it too.

I don't need to tell you how England fans feel about penalty shoot-outs. The only thing in their favour was that they weren't playing Germany...