Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2018

German Post Punk Revisted

Bildergebnis für abwärts band

Abwärts were one of the first punk bands formed in the late years of German punk revolution. Their first album AmokKoma is one of the classic records that stamped German punk and was on heavy rotation on my turntable in the late 70's. After their masterpiece they released several albums that wasn't that successful at all. Their self-titled third album is less punk-influenced and Gothic than the ones before and they tried to sing sometimes in English. For me it is an album that is very underrated because it is manifold to the ones before. One of the reasons was that they covered Hotlegs' (10 CC's) first chart appearance as well as a chanson by Charles Aznavour. Great stuff from my very younger days - even for you all.

Abwärts - Neandertal Man
Abwärts - Alkohol

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