Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015

This Year's List 6/15

Last Funky Friday I posted a few tracks by Bush Tetras a NYC-based post-punk band from the early 80s. The Swede commented that these songs are similar to one of his favourite artists of the last past years: Lonelady, a Manchester based project by Julie Ann Campbell. Campbell works the way up with the same means in dreariness, brutality and decay like before her already Joy Division, Gang Of Four, Wire and some other more, merely around the knowledge of Techno complements. The postal-industrial formula rises with her again crack-freshly. Sometimes I think she bows to the post-industrial Manchester sound where the bass was the main leading instrument and the guitar was sharp to contrast the songs. And Hinterland sometimes sound like you are on an industrial dancefloor. It is one of those records I think I will get old with.

Lonelady - Groove It Out
Lonelady - (I Can See) Landscapes
Lonelady - Flee
Lonelady - Bunkerpop


The Swede hat gesagt…

Absolutely fantastic Walter.....but then you knew I'd say that!

charity chic hat gesagt…

Great minds Walter - see my post tomorrow