Samstag, 26. Dezember 2015

On The Beach

Bildergebnis für vintage pictures of the beach

Don't worry mates - this will be no post about Chris Rea or Neil Young. It is just a short story happened to me a few days ago. Recently a local friend and I decided for a couple of beers in one of those many beach-bars around here. While we were sitting at the bar a mid-aged English gentlemen took place beside me and after a while he asked me for a light for his cigarette. Shortly after we started a conversation about football, discusssed the removal of Mourinho in Chelsea (what's his favourite team) and why my favourite London Team would ever be Arsenal (because my first live game in London was Arsenal vs. QPR and the best player in the team was Dennis Bergkamp). Finally we arrived in talking about music. And then he surprised me telling he played bass on the last three years of Elastica, a band that was named 20 years ago as Britpop but where more than that. Now Paul Jones is working as A&R for Rough Trade Music. So he signed Warpaint for RT and we talked a lot about famous indie bands throughout the last 30 years. I was impressed when he told me that he played some sessions with Mark E. Smith and John Lydon and that they have a very common sense about making Music. Finally we talked about his latest sign Fat White Family. I knew their newest song Whitest Boy On Beach since a few weeks and thoughed about to post it when I am back home. It is a song based deeply in industrial music, played in the mid 80s and worth to be played. But watching the Video I felt irritated. I don't like that nazi-inspirated, fascist affetation  torture someone in a bunker at the seaside. He told me that the band want's to provoke with this Video. I answered that the band should let their music speak an he told about A&R strategies. In this Point we couldn't find an Agreement. But anyway, we walked away with shaking hands.

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drew hat gesagt…

I'm with you Walter, the music should be the thing that makes you think. If you need a controversial video to force the discussion then the music isn't doing what you wanted it to do in the first place and you have failed in what you wanted to achieve.

I bought the Fat White Family album and the I am MES single but something about me feels that they are trying a bit too hard to be totally sincere.