Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015

This Year's List 13/15

Sexwitch, the side project of Bat For Lashes' Natasha Khan is also one of those records that I played often this year. For me it is a perfect combination of old and new. Old because the songs were translated covers from varying locations worldwide; new because of its instrumentation falls within the decidedly Western guitar-bass-drums paradigm. The whole thing is reminiscent of early Krautrock — Amon Düül II, Can, et al — where percussive repetition and effects-laden guitars are the salient features of a lengthy jam. For an example, at almost eight minutes long  “Kassidat El Hakka”, a re-working of a Moroccan folk song, is Khan and co.’s most prolonged venture. Its refrains oscillate between the prophetic (“it will linger in your soul”) and the agnostic (“I am fleeing / but I do not know what from”). Tension is built, eased, and reestablished through the layering of ambient noise over the track’s incisive guitar riff and cyclical drumbeat. Khan’s voice carves its own route through the mire, with her lyrical reiterations periodically devolving into climatic shrieks and yelps. This is the most raw and unhinged she’s ever sounded, and it’s mesmerising.All in all it will be a record that sounds fresh even in the upcoming years.


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The Swede hat gesagt…

This one was a real surprise to me as I'm not a fan of Bat For Lashes, but Sexwitch played a 6Music session when the album came out and their performances totally blew me away. Toy are the band on the record, which explains a lot, they can do little wrong in my eyes. An excellent LP.