Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2015

This Year's List 11/15

Bildergebnis für the libertines anthem for doomed youth

In the first years of this century The Libertines appeared on the scene. A young band with much talent in songwriting played their music with verve and enthusiasm so that it was logically that they became famous. But booze and drugs ruined taken by Pete Doherty ruined the fundament of the band and Carl Barât kicked him out of the band. Doherty took some start-ups to get rid of his depedence of heroin. It seems that his rehab in Thailand was successful and The Libertines came up with a new record in autumn this year. Anthems For The Doomed Youth is thelLogical advancement of their sound. They are still able to write great Forward driven songs and ballads. Sure, the songs are often a reflection of Doherty's last years but anyway it's good that they are back again.

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