Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2015

This Year's List 5/15

It's hard to handle when you are a musician and your name is Courtney. This name is occupied in rock music by Courtney Love and grunge rock in the 90s together with Curt Cobain, the demonstrated role model of grunge at these times. What could a mid twenty girl from down under to come out of the shadow of Mrs. Love? Making a record that was one of the best debut albums this year. She made a record full of heavy current that needs no scandals to get a notice of this music. Distorted riffs, overcharged vocals and great songs on a record with the best title. Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit is more than another slacker record. What fascinates me is Courtney's voice. She's blessed with a captivating timbre that sometimes world-rapt-fragile, sometimes sounds also erotically challenging. Her songs are the perfect fusion of grunge and ambitious philosophical folk. If you're not into the sound of the songs you ought to listen to the lyrics. I didn't listen to any more direct lyrics by a young artists that are so direct and true for long times.

I masturbated to the songs you wrote
Resuscitated all of my hopes
It felt wrong but it didn’t take too long
Much appreciated are your songs.
Doesn’t mean I like you man
It just helps me get to sleep
And it’s cheaper than Temazepam.
from Lance Jr.
I got drunk and fell asleep atop the sheets but luckily i left the heater on.
And in my dreams i wrote the best song that i’ve ever written…can’t remember how it goes.
I stayed drunk and fell awake and i was cycling on a plane and far away i heard you say you liked me.
We drifted to a party – cool. The people went to arty school. They made their paints by mixing acid wash and lemonade
In my brain I re-arrange the letters on the page to spell your name
from History Eraser


Brian hat gesagt…

Yes, yes, yes! So with you on this one. Probably the only commercially successful album that will make my year-end list. So sharp... and what a delivery!

TheRobster hat gesagt…

Agreed, a wonderful album (except 'Small Poppies' which I always skip). Love Courtney, she's just got something so likeable about her. Some brilliant songs on here. It'll make my end-of-year list too.

charity chic hat gesagt…

Courtney is appearing in most discerning end of year lists