Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

From The In-Box

First artist this week is Ady Jados a Chicago based singer/songwriter with heavy influence by soul and blues music. Sometimes you can hear little reminiscences to her earlier works (playing guitar in punk and metal bands) in the way she uses her guitar. It's a good song to her raw voice according to this soulful and bluesy song with a raw edge.

The Dread are from Chicago as well but totally different. The are influenced by East Coast HipHop and combine this with elements of rock and reggae. Out comes a heavy song, with a very good flow, massive guitars and harmonies. Like Cypress Hill would sound like when they get rid of the bong.

The Dread - The Grateful Dread

In this series I featured some bands from Canada. Most of them I would add to folk or blues. This band is different to them. Benskuba describe their music as a high energy, guitar-driven sound with a big emphasis on groove and melody. And it's all in this well written and arranged song and they play a little funky guitar. Well done.

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