Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Every Age

José Gonzales is back with a new record after seven years. Born as the son of Argentine emigrants in Sweden he released a couple of records since 2003. In the farthest sense one can call him a simple singer/songwriter. What I like is his finger-picking guitar that reminds me on Nick Drake or Elliot Smith and a the meditative touch in his music. His songs are slow, soft, smooth but never dull. One of those I like to listen to on Sunday morning.

That he can do it in another way you can listen to this. It's a downtempo song added with a good groove, little guitar licks and a superb saxophone:

And that he's not afraid to make some cover versions shows this track originally by Massive Attack:


lithium hat gesagt…

Walter, check out Gonzales' band Junip. They released two very good albums. Listen to "Fields" or the first EPs "In Every Direction" and "Rope & Summit". Great stuff.

Walter hat gesagt…

I will do Martin, Thx.