Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

The Foreign Correspondent - Stories About German Rock Music # 2

Started this series a few weeks ago to bring you folks some German music that was underrated or nearly forgotten. I tried to post it regular Friday's series and then Dirk challenged me to our 'Battle of the Blogs' and I focused on this. I would not like to step in competition to this. So let's try a second time for a Friday post and be surprised what I'll present.

This one is from a band that has his roots in the early German punk movement in the late 1970s. The Neonbabies was formed in Berlin by the sisters Inga and Annette Humpe. They recorded three records until they split in 1983. Annette Humpe left the band after their first record to join Ideal - another band from the so called New German Wave. Ideal's first hit single 'Blaue Augen' is a monument of this era and was originally released in a rough version on Neonbabie's first record. My favorite record of them was their last record '1983'. They turned away from their basic roots and made some experiments in psychedelic sounds and classic songwriting.

As said, Annette Humpe got success with Ideal and as a producer. She produced the first record from the group her sister Inga joined after the split. It was a German-Austrian collaboration called DÖF a persiflage to the punk/dance band DAF. They had big success among the NDW-era and were one of them bands that didn't play that nonsense the other bands did. In the 1990s the sisters had a collaboration and recorded two records under their own name. Mostly soft and tender songs I use to play later in the evening. Inga got also success early this century with 2raumwohnung.

Neonbabies - Blaue Augen
Neonbabies - Fata Morgana
Neonbabies - Horizont ohne Ende
Neonbabies - Eiskalter Engel

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