Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Drove Up From Pedro

Yesterday I had to take part in a rating workshop with colleges from other institutes. It took place in an academy close to Stuttgart airport. Taking the public transportations it will take me hours to get to and from there. So I decided to take the car. And for the fact that I don't listen to the radio I grabbed me a couple of CD's without selecting. One of them was the 1995 album by Mike Watt 'Ball-Hog Or Tugboat?'. For those who don't know the co-founder of Minutemen and Firehose can get more informations here.

I really forgot how great this record was. It was the perfect further development from the sound of Minutemen. It was his first regular solo album and he collaborated on it with Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, J. Masics, Even Dando, Henry Rollins, Mark Lanegan and many other well known musicians from the American independent scene. That might be the reason why this record was more successful than his others. By chancing the personal on every track make the album so different. And Mike Watt shows that he is a fantastic bass player.

The only thing I don't understand is the meaning of the title of this record. I know that ball-hog is a perfect throw in American Football and tugboat is a nickname of a famous wrestler. But I don't understand what it means in combination with wrestling.

Mike Watt - Drove up from Pedro
Mike Watt - Against the 70's

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Can't help you Walter, but you've posted two excellent tracks. Not at all familiar with Mike Watt, but will be investigating now.

lithium hat gesagt…

I never really responded to that record.
I've bought that record. I've sold it.

But the last "track" was very interesting. Check it out again. Or read ita ll about here:

BTW, thats Mick Watt's website. The smallest font ever.

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you all for your comments and Martin: I've never seen a website like this.