Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013

National Day

Today Germany celebrates again the day of German unity. Like most of the times I ask myself what's to celebrate. Of course it commemorates the anniversary of the German reunification in 1990 when they signed the contract to be a united state. But I was more impressed on the day the Berlin wall came down in November 1989 when the people of the German Democratic Republic were able to go to the west as free people. To feel as one nation is worth to celebrate but there happened a lot of things since that time that really are not worth to be celebrated. I still remember our chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl promised us blossoming sceneries in the newer future. But he and his fucking government cheated us with their lies and the cost of the unity. Even if we don't feel it now in our purse we will feel it when we get retired. More and more retired people have to live on the lowest level even if they have paid their contribution to the social security for more than 40 years. Not that anyone misunderstands me: I feel good with all the united people (except the new right wing fascists) and have a couple of good friends with eastern German origin - it makes me sick when I see them politicians beating themselves on the shoulders, not seeing the real problems we have.

I don't know why but there is just one song in my head that fits to this.

Enjoy and have a good week.

Half Man Half Biscuit - Trumpton Riots

5 Kommentare:

Dirk hat gesagt…

Wise words, Walter ... I don't really see a reason to party today as well ... also I have a Hörsturz (whatever that may mean in English) so I am not in the best of moods anyway. This also is the reason why I didn't respond to your round 3 of BotB so far, sorry for this ...

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you Dirk, you don't need to apologize get well soon and come back to our competition when you endured your hearing loss. Take care of you and avoid stress if it's possible.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Take care, Dirk. The BofB series is shaping up great but we all can wait for you to get well (soon).

drew hat gesagt…

I will be 68 or older when I can draw the state pension in the UK. I fear I and my contemporaries will be working until we drop.

Still, prost! Have a Furstenberg and an Obstbrand for me. It could be worst you could all be in the DDR now.

Walter hat gesagt…

Thank you Drew, but like Dirk already said I wasn't in the mood to party yesterday. Later this day I'll go to visit my mother. It's my dad's birthday and he would be 88 today if he's still alive. So I think I will take a Obstler with my mother to remember him.