Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

London Calling

Had a good and relaxed weekend behind me and power enough for another week in business. Last Saturday we my brother, C. and me met for a few beer before she's leaving in our favorite pub. Later we went together to an event. In our town there's a place where younger people where educated as special subject teachers for sports, IT and housekeeping. C. had taken this education for over 25 years ago and knows still a lot of people that came to this event to meet the former class-mates. Once a year a lot of former students meet for a tournament in volleyball and afterwards for a party. These parties has tradition over long long years. In my younger times me and my lads went to these parties to check out the female students. I remember very special evenings there - but this might be another story to be told. Anyway, the evening started with a local band. They use to play two acoustic guitars added with some percussion. The play well known songs in their very own arrangements. Later that night they had some DJ's doing their thing. It's funny because one of them is the son of an old friend from C. I was surprised what kind of music these young kids gave us. Later they gave us 30 minutes of root reggae. Fantastic. So I think we can start the week with a classic tune from The Clash - now in a dub version - I think Joe Strummer would like.

Enjoy and have a good week.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - London Calling

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