Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Any Major TV Themes

A few days ago Any Major Dude With Half A Heart posted a collection of TV Themes. Over 80 files from TV series that I used to watch in my younger times and also series were to be seen during the past years. So take a little time and remember all the series you might have seen over the years. I think it is a pleasant trip backwards to all of you.

When I was a kid I nearly missed no part of Bonanza. The characters got very close to me and my younger brother. We spent hours to discuss who's gonna be the best of the three sons Adam, Hoss or Little Joe. We agreed that the best one was Hop Sing, the kitchen chief.

TV-Theme - Bonanza

In the 1970s we used to follow Karl Malden and Michael Douglas on the 'Streets of San Francisco'. I think it was the blueprint of many series that are based on a buddy-story. What's still in my mind is the Wah-Wah guitar in the theme

TV-Theme - The Streets of San Francisco

The 1980s were ruled by family clans in Denver and Dallas. But me had more fun watching 'Magnum PI' that was located in Hawaii. I still don't know if Higgins was Robin Masters or not. One of many themes created by Mike Post.

TV-Theme - Magnum PI

One of the best series in the last years: The Sopranos. Nothing more to say than fantastic.

TV-Theme - The Sopranos

AMDWHAH posted also a German edition of TV-Themes. It's from our oldest and still running Sundays detective series 'Tatort'. It is great song, composed and played by our German jazz legend Klaus Doldinger.

TV-Themes - Tatort

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