Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

John Peel Day

Today's John Peel day and I thought by myself what I could do to keep his spirit alive. I thought for several days and searched my archive but I couldn't decide what to post. At least I thought that I should continue the way he did. Be open to new sounds and music. Try to be impartially to nowadays music and remind the best of the past. Therefore I've chosen a track by a new musical collective from Austin, Texas. They first release 'Dope Moons' knocked me off. Between Trance, free performing guitars and long improvisations they made a sound that's really incredible. And that's what made John Peel famous - looking out for new sounds and music. Maybe I am the only one that post any peel session or radio shows - but I think I keep his spirit alive in this way.

So take yourself a drink, put your headphones on, play loud and enjoy the music.

R.I.P. John

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