Montag, 24. Juni 2024

Monday's Long Songs


A few days ago I rediscovered a track from last year by Dirt Bogarde, a British producer and DJ. His music is a superb melange of Balearic, slow acid house and cosmic chug. Peyote Plains is one of those relaxed tunes you hear and will come back to it. Nothing more for me than an overlooked song from last year.

Last week Dirt Bogarde released an album featuring his favorite songs from the last year. Triumpf der Liebe is another example how good his relaxed music could be if you want to dive into an electronic ocean.

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Khayem hat gesagt…

I've been buying the individual tracks since Swiss Adam alerted me to Dirt Bogarde's music over at Bagging Area.

All good, though Peyote Plains is especially good. And for the new arrivals, Blowback Vol. 1 at £4.00 for 8 tracks is a bargain!