Montag, 10. Juni 2024

Monday's Long Song


Spititualized released their third album Ladies and Gentlemen we are floating in Space in 1997 and I was confused when I listened to it the first time. Somewhere between Spacemen 3's feedback sound, 6ß's psychedelia, Brit-pop and solid songwriting I couldn't file them and was not sure if it was worse or a great album. After listening to the album more times I found the beauty of the songs and have to say that they made a little masterpiece from the 90's.

Spiritualized - I Think I'm In Love

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JC hat gesagt…

A close friend bought this album for me and told me that I'd love it. A bit like yourself, Walter, I wasn't sure when I first played it.....and if the full truth be told, I'm not sure all these years later. I think it's an album where I like a few of the songs, but ideally when they come up on random shuffle on the i-pod. It's not a record I ever find myself listening to from the beginning to the end.

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

I'm firmly in the 'this is a work of brilliance' camp.