Sonntag, 29. Januar 2023

Tom Verlaine 1949 - 2023


During the last months many artist died away that meant a lot to me. Now I read the sad news that Tom Verlaine passed away last Saturday at the age of 73. I think I don't have to tell much about his musical history with Television and what his music meant for punk rock in New York in the late 70's. For me was Marquee Moon the synonym of how a guitar should be played in the next decades. It was fascinating how he built a new and unique sound from the heritage of the Velvets. This song is from his third album with the same title.


Tom Verlaine - Words From The Front

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Charity Chic hat gesagt…

Hadn't heard that Walter Sad News.
He left a great legacy in Marquee Moon.

Echorich hat gesagt…

Tom Verlaine was like a musical professor for me. His music opened my ears through the ground he broke with Television and the paths he explored as a solo artist.
I don't typically talk about Rock + Roll Heroes...but Tom Verlaine was one of them.

hat gesagt…

You're choice of songs is impeccable. TV guitar at it's finest.

& the lyrics:
January 23rd
There's no road
It's been raining now for three days
We're in mud up to our knees
If luck prevails and I'm given leave
I should be home by the 17th
One word I hear all the time
This word I hear blind

One of a kind. Thanks for the memory.

JC hat gesagt…

Another sad day.

Nice words Walter.