Freitag, 27. Januar 2023

Fine Malt Lyrics


It was in 1992 when House Of Pain appeared on the scene. Following the Beastie Boys, they presented us with a version of Hip Hop like we never heard before in this way. Like their companions Cypress Hill they showed what this kind of genre could be possible to do. House Of Pain were probably the first white band rapping over a floor of samples with a new attitude and identity. They played with their Celtic roots and created stompers for the dancefloor a lot people I knew at this time agreed very well with them. Fine Malt Lyrics was one of those albums that opened my ears to a very new sound. Listening to this album after longer time I have to admit that it stood the test of time. A very highlight of what was possible in this era. Groundbreaking and full of rhythm and a flow.

House Of Pain - Top Of The Morning 
House Of Pain - Put On Your Shit Kickers

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