Mittwoch, 28. September 2022

The Children Of Scorpio

A few days ago I had an e-mail correspondence with our good friend Drew and he recommended an album to me that was really new to me. Project Gemini is the project of London based musician, producer and writer Paul Osborne. On The Children Of  Scorpio offers a tribute to Lalo Schifrin and the music of his soundtracks. Many will know the main title of Mission Impossible and Bullit in the early 70's. Osborne got the spirit of those vintage soundtracks and added ingredients of acid-folk and a whole of psych-funk to a totally new and exciting sound. I didn't excepted something like this but this is great, new and fascinating. Probably an album that could appear on many year ends lists.

Dropping Lalo Schifrin here there should be also played his fantastic soundtrack of Bullit at this place once again.

As well as the legendary car race in San Francisco from Bullit.

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