Freitag, 29. April 2022

The Pile


Every now and then I return to soul music a genre I am not the greatest expert in but I really enjoy great voices and sounds this genre is able to give. In my opinion more and more new artist integrate soul elements into their sound and it is a good thing. One of those is Adam Scrimshire, a London based musician, producer, DJ and singer with a huge fondness to 70's soul. Last year he released his latest album Nothing Feels Like Everything that I discovered a few weeks ago. He developed his own very warm and jazzy kind of electronic music, which in some moments recalls the albums Terry Callier recorded in the 70's. Scrimshire builds on these ideas and expands them with a contemporary sound palette. The Pile is the best example what I mean. A great bass line and accented guitar licks make the floor for Scrimshire's vocals that were added by strings and piano. A song that stands alone in a row of soulful releases last year.

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