Samstag, 9. April 2022

El Mirador


It is good to know that something is reliable in times were many things quickly change and life we used to have isn't the same now. So I was happy that the new album El Mirador fulfilled every expectation I had on it. Of course Joey Burns and John Convertino didn't invented a new sound but it is good to know for me that they are still able to make their Mariachi/Americana guitar based sound as we was used by them. Most of the songs have the touch of desert/border sound and it should be the perfect soundtrack when you drive with your cabriolet along the Mexican border.  

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Echorich hat gesagt…

Then You Might See gives that clue that Burns and Convertino grew up on the music of so many bands I hold dear. I have always held that The Bunnymen somehow seep from these guys pores almost unconsciously. Treat yourself to the version of Bring On The Dancing Horses that the band recorded for KEXP with fellow New Americana buddies Iron & Wine back in 2019.