Sonntag, 10. April 2022

Attention Hype


The word hype is a relic from another era. Back then, in the 1990s, more guitars were probably sold than mobile phones. With each print edition of the NME magazine, a new "best band of all time" was proclaimed on the front page. This and beyond the Atlantic, Alternative Rock, Manchester Rave, Grunge, Brit-Pop and strumming indie-rock entered the charts. Mocking lads and nonconformist riot grrrls became role models, celebrities and fashion icons. Before the crash came, Tony Blair even celebrated the Champagne Supernova with a British premier. And today? In times of media irritation, the name Wet Leg is probably noted between two glass of beer with a shoulder twitch. Brilliant! But you don't have to know them. This were my thoughts when I listened to Wet Leg's self titled first album. I have to admit that I really liked their first single Chaise Longe that was one of last summers songs and I didn't expected anything from the album. But singer Rhian Teasdale and guitarist Hester Chambers from Isle of Wight were able to write more indie-rock songs high above the level you could expect. The music may sound like a best-of-indie rock of the past 30 years. But the way Wet Leg handles the challenges of our time is fueled by an unusually snotty attitude. All in all an album that makes fun at the time but I suggest less people will remember their names in a couple of years. 

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

I was thinking of this very thing earlier this morning as I played the album. They are huge now - the guy in my local record store said the album has been flying out - but are they just a fad? They are certainly quirky, fun and have some good songs but how long will it last? It's a good question, Walter.

JC hat gesagt…

It's a very good question.....and history shows that the music industry has a dreadful habit of very quickly moving on from successful female singers and bands after the initial buzz. I've got the album on order to be picked up from Mono in Glasgow....need to wait on my bout of COVID clearing before going in to pick it up.

Echorich hat gesagt…

The first time I heard Chaise Lounge, it took me way further back than the 90s to early to '79-'81, when Post-Punk welcomed the Gender Busting arrival of Delta 5, Lilliput/Kleenex, Essential Logic and the oh so very influential Raincoats. While Wet Leg may be a bit less earnest in their approach, they share the unflappable confidence of those that came before them.
Angelica and the current single Ur Mum, are proof positive that Chaise Lounge wasn't just a one off.