Freitag, 1. April 2022

Live Adventures Of Past Times


It was back in 1979 when German fun punk band appeared close to the place where I used to life. ZK (absolutely sickening) where from Düsseldorf and formed around the punk scene from their home town. And they were an original punk band and often not knowing how to handle their instrument and later become Tote Hosen, probably the most well known post punk band in Germany. I really liked them in their early days and don't agree what they became decades later: just another mainstream band playing hooky songs in the tradition of punk adding rockabilly and schlager to their sound. I was there when they played their gig in spring 1979 in a very small venue. The place was called mouse trap in was in the first floor in an old house in central Stuttgart. You have to move a step to get there and the venue was on the left side. The main problem that there was a whorehouse on the right side and the customers had to push themselves past the concert visitors. I remember that the concert was very nice and amusing I we had great fun with the band. We were standing at the bar and a young person showed up to us and asked us if we are able to buy him a beer because he was to young to buy it in person. Of course we spent him a drink, not knowing that it was Campino, the main figure of the Toten Hosen, who became the leading figure of German punk rocker years later.

ZK- Conrad

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Sounds like a good night.Great story