Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2021

Different Time Different Place


Day By Day by from Preston based band White Flowers is one of those shoegazed albums that I didn't ignored even if it was a genre I am not really familiar with. White Flowers make this kind of dream-pop many artist try to reach. It is certainly not a groundbreaking album but it touches my with it's post-punk influenced soft sound and the whispered Katie Drew. Both, Drew and Joey Cobb started as a songwriter duo during their art-school studies in London and went back to their hometown in Preston to finish their first album. Their songs are filled with their experiences various session on their late 80's independent sound and the result is a introverted version of the legacy by post-punk with blustering wall-of-sound guitars and the melancholic sound of Cocteau Twins. An album you can dive into if you can let it happen.

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