Samstag, 11. April 2020

Velvet Desert Music

Hintergrundbild Desert - Opera Add-ons

A few weeks ago Cologne's Kompakt label released another superb compilation album. Velvet Desert Music Vol. 2 was compiled by curator Jörg Burger and his intention of combining the spirit of 60's/70's Western with acid and psychedelia is well done. Exploring the possibilities what happens when you extract the essence from genres as diverse spaghetti Western soundtracks, moody lamp-lit pop, downtempo, Krautrock, minimalism, 60's psychedelia and intermingle them to a unique sound is what he did. The result is a worth well listening album with an absolute relaxed sound and sometimes you can feel the width of a desert somewhere in America. I have to admit that I know less of the artists but everyone came close to the main theme. Most I was surprised about The Liminanas contribution to this compilation. Another great song they made in collaboration with German DJ Golden bug. An album I listened often to the recent days and a highlight in this year so far.

Happy Easter and stay well.

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