Montag, 6. April 2020

Monday's Long Song

Music | Schneider TM

I featured Schneider TM almost exactly one year ago with The Light 3000 a cover version of The Smith's There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. This version showed the way Dirk Dresselhaus developed his sound from the early early indie-/noise-rock with his bands Hip Young Things and Locust Fudge from the late 80's to more and more electronic experiments. A few weeks ago he released a little masterpiece. An album with one song with three different versions. As far as I know it is his first collaboration with Elena Poulou, former member of The Fall and widow of MES. It sounds like the perfect evolution of Michael Rother's Flammende Herzen. Floating synth sound over an Krautrock floor makes this to one of the best releases this year so far for me.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

A terrific piece Walter. It could easily have continued for another ten minutes without becoming boring. I'm off to check out the other two versions now. Thanks for this.