Dienstag, 14. April 2020

Forgotten Krautrock

A.R. & Machines - Die Grüne Reise - The Green Journey (Green ...

Achim Reichel formed Germany's most popular beat-band The Rattles in 1960 and they got lot of critical acclaim when they played in Starclub in Hamburg when beat-music was the hottest thing. His career stopped when he had to join German army for 18 months. After finishing his military duty he tried to get back in music business. But the times has changed and nobody wanted to listen to beat-music any more. So he tried to find a new sound. Working in his home studio with an Akai-X330D tape.recorder he discovered loops while he pressed the wrong button on the machine. Based on this experience he recorded his first solo album The Green Journey/Die Grüne Reise. It was a drug and psychedelic inspired album. Ruminant percussion, sparse guitar licks and some misty vocals make this record a masterpiece of the Krautrock era. And on my opinion he made trance and industrial before we even knew it.

A.R. & Machines - To The Echo Of Time
A.R. & Machines - Why Peter Is Only On Holidays

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Loving this Walter. Never heard of A.R. & Machines, but these tunes are far out!

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

New to me also. Thanks Walter.