Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 3/18

Bildergebnis für the monochrome set maisieworld

Early this year The Monochrome Set released Maisieworld an album filled with superb pop songs. From their early days in the 1980's until now they released great stuff. And they still are searching for the perfect song. With this album they came a little closer to their aim. The Monochrome Set have never kept to rules and they also did not have to do this. Their sound never sounds dusty, the melodies stick long in the hearing. Maisieworld sounds contented anyhow, yes, but never complacently. Always more buoyant guitar-grooves holds together the songs, a banjo on a discreetly held blower's section sometimes hits, Ska is indicated here and there.Why they celebrate no commercial success like her pupils Franz Ferdinand is a riddle probably always remains.

The Monochrome Set - Give Me Your Youth
The Monochrome Set - I Feel Fine (Really)
The Monochrome Set - Stage Fright

2 Kommentare:

Echorich hat gesagt…

I have to agree Walter, Maisieworld will be making appearance on both my singles and album list in just a couple weeks!

Brian hat gesagt…

Welcome back. Hope you had a great trip. What a start, Walter. Two of your first three are on my upcoming list too. This entire decade has been an amazing comeback for the Monochrome Set.