Freitag, 14. Dezember 2018

This Year's Records 12+13/18

Bildergebnis für gruff rhys babelsberg

Another double feature in this countdown. Not only for the reason that this artist released their new albums almost at the same time it is a reason for this feature. It is more that I follow both artists over many years and they never made any bad records. And this happened once again. Both albums are full of great and well arranged songs. It is classic songwriting with superb arrangements. Timeless and beautiful. Nothing more to say, because the songs speak for themself.

Gruff Rhys - Frontier Man
Gruff Rhys - Oh Dear
Gruff Rhys - Selfies In The Sunset

Bildergebnis für gaz coombes world's strongest man

When Rhys on Babelsberg sometimes sounds like a reborn Lee Hazlewood, Gaz Coombes was inspired by Bowie and Lennon. I really don't know if I prefer his faster songs or the ballads. It really depends on the mood I am in. Anyway, Coombes is able to write and arrange songs far over the average. 

Gaz Coombes - Worlds Strongest Man
Gaz Coombes - Walk The Walk
Gaz Coombes - Vanishing Act

2 Kommentare:

TheRobster hat gesagt…

Another couple of excellent choices Walter. You've definitely picked the best songs from Gruff's record. The Gaz Coombes album took a little while to grow on me but I've listened to it enough times now to enjoy it.

Brian hat gesagt…

Yes... and yes! Right with you on these.