Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2018

This Years Records 1/18

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The year bends to the end and, as usual, it is to be looked back at the published albums of this year. After all I can say it was a good year in music. There were so many good albums released in so many various movements that it is hard to pick out only 18 for this year. So I picked out those records that was played often in my home or on my way to/from office.

In March Tracy Thorne released her latest album Record after a long period of absence. And it was well worth to wait. She came back with nine songs that are rather more than average. All the tracks are catchy and her lyrics sometimes are poetic. I always was a huge fan of her and her voice can improve almost every song that was written. Hat off to this great comeback

Tracy Thorne - Sister ft. Corrnne Bailey Rae
Tracy Thorne - Guitar

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