Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2018

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Bildergebnis für rival consoles persona

Drew introduced me to one of the best electronic albums earlier this year. Rival Consoles was a new name to me until I got this record. Persona is a remarkable mixture of various sounds that were often played at my home. The Line Of Best Fit wrote the words I can agree to:

The strengths of Rival Consoles' sound is it's depth. A production process that combines analogue-­heavy synthesisers, acoustic and electronic instruments, the sounds of Persona are rich, delicate, and heavy when they need to be. 
Hearing all the different shapes Ryan can give his distinct sound is what's most fascinating about Persona, and has kept me coming back for more. It's a masterclass in modern electronic soundcraft that unveils new surprises at each listen. And each listen helps to start piece together the overall shape of the album, something which remains a little shrouded throughout. But its length, and depth, is also Persona's strength. An album to get lost in and to discover bits of wonder along the way.

Rival Consoles - Persona
Rival Consoles - Phantom Grip
Rival Consoles - 

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