Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

George Michael RIP

Seems like this year ends as it started. Just the news arrived that George Michael died during christmas  (isn't it ironic that is was his Last Christmas?). I don't have to tell much about his life and music. This will be done by the medias. I remeber one evening maybe 10 years ago I watched him live. I got the tickets as a birthday present for my former wife because she's a huge fan of him. So I joined her, expecting nothing special than a good show. But what happened made me change  my mind. I saw a great entertainer blessed with an incredible voice. Listening to sonf he sung acapella made my hairs stand up.

Rest in peace, George.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

George Michael was indisputably an excellent pop writer and performer. It's unfortunate, though unsurprising, that the media chose to concentrate on his personal demons rather than the quality of his work.

Alyson hat gesagt…

Just spotted this post Walter and like you have at times got goosebumps listening to George sing live - His version of Somebody to Love with Queen at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert always has that effect on me. Another loss in 2016.