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Glasgow. A city where new bands can grow and get reputations while playing live all over the year. Many bands could be  named but less impressed me like them. As far as I investigated it is a band lead by Julie Eisenstein and Suse Bear. Their sound is based in classic (pub)-rock sound. Short guitar dominated songs that crawl into your ears and hardly get out of them. Surely not the next big thing but songs that might be timeless. Guitar pop, collage rock and pub rock in very different styles makes it a pleasure to listen to them from time to time.

Tuff Love - Sweet Discontent
Tuff Love - Slammer
Tuff Love - Duke

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Love this one too Walter. 'Slammer' is particularly great and has put in appearances on several compilations of mine this year.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Thry have been around sice 2014 and I have seen them play live a few times at different venues in Glasgow. They are very good at what they do. One of a number of excellent female band to have come out of my home city these past two years.