Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2016

Eat You Up

Bildergebnis für vintage speedway

This will be the last Sunday at my place for this year because I am leaving to Sri Lanka as every year to spent the time over Christmas and the changing of the year. Everything is ready and prepared so that I only have to work until Friday. Knowing that these five days will feel like five weeks in fact there are a lot of jobs to do. Don't worry it is the same every year and I's sure I will manage it. As every Sunday I check out my favourite Austrian radio station fm4 what's new in music and politics. As far as I know it is the only site that contains articles not only in German. Of course they aim to a younger audience than me but it is always interesting to follow them. Their program is mainly based on electric music and especially Austrian musicians but you find some gems from other genres there as well. Today I found the newest release by Palastic ft. LissA. Investigations about them ended unsuccessful and the only information I can give to you is that Palastic is an Austrian production duo working mainly on remixes. They often invite a female vocalist named LissA to complete their record. And how to describe their sound? Maybe slow house combined with electronic soul with a succinct voice over their electronic works. Sometime LissA's voice reminds me to SOAK. Can't imagine? Try.

For those who want to listen to more - here's their last year record.

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