Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2016

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Public Access T.V. is another band from NYC based deeply in song writing by Nick Lowe, Tom Petty and Ric Ocasec they made a record that was my musical mate during last summer. You can name it old fashioned or new pub rock but it is a music you can join at most places you are. Never boring, still fresh and timeless. I am glad that there were some guys over the Atlantic ocean that will carry the pure essence of music in their sound. PATV combines a lot of of influences from the last 40 years. Not only collage rock they have alos influences by British glam from the early 7o's. Sometimes I think I hear Marc Bolan in their songs. Therefore I give them a nem in my personal rundown for this year. Muisc for good times and it might  work great sitting with a bottle of beer at the campfire.

Public Access T.V. - In Our Blood
Public Access T.V. End Of An Era
Public Access T.V. -Summertime
Public Access T.V. -  Remember

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George hat gesagt…

The first track is totally different from the other three, and is called EthereaL, so maybe it is not by Public Access TV. I liked all 4 tracks!

Anonym hat gesagt…

As George says...the first track seems to be by a different band!!

I very much heard Marc Bolan influences - especially on 'Summertime'