Montag, 5. Dezember 2016

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Bildergebnis für moderat III

It is December and a lot of people start to think about what happened this year (after all bought their presents for Christmas in time). As every year I take a look back what happened to music during this year. And I have to say - a lot happened. A few bands appeared early this year and now they are forgotten (for example The Whitest Boy Alive). Others amused us with some great songs that accompanied us during the year. I thought by myself to introduce you the 16 best records this year but very soon I recognized that it will be an impossible dream. Therefore I decided to publish 16 posts that features the best records this year (for me only) and also records that touched my soul and made them mentionalble for 2016.

So let us start with a band that released their third record in the middle of the year. Moderat is a band grown by the cooperation of some German musicians and producers during the last ten years making bass dominated sounds. Of course it all electric but if you dive into their sound you can see/feel the very big spectrum of their sound. Formerly a band putting their own experiences into a new sound now it seems that they reached a level that is a level to other bands. Moving from a bass-driven sound into new soundscapes is what they make great. All in all a sound that works in in it completely. It is harmonic, disturbing and claiming. What more could you expect of new music? Of course not he best record this year but one a lot of other musicians can learn from and could be a classic in the future.

Looking forward to see them as the main act in June at Maifeld Derby 2017.

Moderat - Intruder
Modreat - Reminder
Moderat - Ethereal

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The Swede hat gesagt…

This is a great idea for a way to sum up your musical year Walter - so good, I might even steal it! I'm struggling to come up with a way of ranking my favourite albums in any real order. Perhaps your solution is the way I should go too.