Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

16 From 2016 13/16

I was thinking about this list for a couple of weeks before I went to Sri Lanka. Therefore I updated the music on my mobile phone. One of the newer records I copied on the SD Card was the latest release by A Tribe Called Quest. We Got It From Here ... Thank You 4 Your Service I listened often since then. It is not only a nostalgia trip listening to their Album because I followed them during the last years as one of the few HipHop artists. It is more a giant statement on the end of their career. It's also a tribute to the everyman genius of Phife, a widescreen look at the record-making skills of Q-Tip, and most importantly, it's a pure, undiluted, joyous thrill to have the Tribe back and still sounding this vital (so I read somewhere and I have to agree). They still have the best Statements (except  Kate Tempest in another way), flows and samples and their Songs crawled into my ears and I often can't get them out of my mind. If there is only one record to buy in this genre it should be this one.

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I've enjoyed what I've heard from this one Walter.