Montag, 29. Februar 2016

Electric Eye

Bildergebnis für psychedelic

Norway is the country listeners will associate with AHA and not in the first degree with psych-rock these days. Electric Eye is one of those new bands that made a record that fascinated me when I listened to the first time. Four guys from Bergen made a record and they describe their sound as True Norwegian Psych-Drone-Groove-Kraut-Rock. And for true - I can hear Can, Wooden Shjips, a bit of early T. Rex and the funky beats of Stone Roses in their sound. The songs on their latest record Different Sun from early this month are more jams than structured songs. Wailing guitars of a steady beat with a voice from the back of the room make me feel great. I am exited about this full sound. Not the next big thing for sure but a record I will listen to often in the future. Play it loud and I think you will enjoy.

Electric Eye - Silent By The River
Electric Eye - All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again
Electric Eye - Mercury Rise

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The Swede hat gesagt…

I enjoyed these tunes a great deal Walter. Another new band to me. Thanks for the tip!