Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

From The In-Box

It's a long time ago since I got the time to check out the incoming new music. So I gave myself a few hours last Sunday to listen what came in the last months. At least I was once more disappointed what I heard. Once more the same old rhythm 'n' blues, alternative country and uninspired indie rock. But as always there are a few gems in the whole bulk which is worth to listen a second time.

Joe Olnick is an American guitar player, located in Harrisburg (where the nuclear accident happened?). He names as his influence Miles Davis but for me it's more based in classical guitar playing and using amps and sound effects to create an unique sound. Sometimes I can hear a bit of the classic guitar players in his sound. It is more a soundscape that he is creating.

Charlie Saynes is Vietnam vet who got inspired by the music of Sonny Boy Williamson while he was playing for the troops long time ago. He worked as a street player and finally joined with Tonio Fazio a bass player. Of course nothing new but the way they play the blues from the basic makes it worth to listen to.

Electro Jar is a project by Jackie Rasmuson and Jacob Laeby, both located in Denmark with a genre crossing mix of experimental , ambient and psychedelic sounds. I think they were at the beginning but they have some talent.

asia mei is a Russian born, Israel grown up an now living in the USA pianist/singer/songwriter. I really like her classical composition, her piano playing and her clear voice.

asia mei - Wraparound

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